College and Career Planning Program

The Test Experts College and Career Planning Program provides comprehensive assistance in planning for college (pre-admission, admission, selection, college coursework and major selection, graduate school and career selections):

  1. High school Planning:
    • Maximizing Academic Rigor, bearing-in-mind student-centerd college and career goals
    • Planning extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, and leadership roles
  2. Applying to College:
    • Identifying and narrowing a list of colleges
    • Planning a college visit
    • Completing applications (including Common App, Sendedu, and GA Futures)
    • Writing persuasive college entrance essays
    • Selecting and requesting letters of reference
    • Compare regular, rolling, early action, early decision, and summer admissions
  3. Financial Aid
    • Discuss HOPE and Zell Scholorship calculations and coursework selection
    • Review FAFSA and financial aid requirements
    • Research local, state, and national merit-based scholarship opportunities.