Do you offer a free diagnostic test?

Yes. E-mail us to schedule your free full-length diagnostic test today. The SAT and ACT publish the test they administer three times/year. We use these previously administered ACTs and SATs for the diagnostic. We do not normally include the essay portion in the diagnostic, but we can do that upon request.

Are the test prep classes one-on-one or group?

All of our test prep classes and coaching sessions are one-on-one in style, but we do allow up to a 2:1 student to teacher ratio, meaning that even though the sessions are facilitated in a one-on-one manner, up to two students may be in attendance.

What materials do you use for ACT/SAT Prep?

The Test Experts uses ACT and SAT test prep material from Summit Educational Group. We have found these to be the best materials on the market.

Can I use an ACT/SAT session for something other than ACT/SAT? Can I use an academic session for ACT/SAT?

Usually you can. It will depend on your instructor’s abilities, but if they can teach a subject, they will almost always allow you to use part of your ACT/SAT session for an upcoming math test for example. Please check with your instructor about the particular subject you need help in.

Should I order the Test Information Release for the ACT and the Question and Answer Service for the SAT?

Yes. Three times per year, the ACT offers what they call the Test Information Release (TIR). Likewise, the College Board offers the Question and Answer Service (QAS) also three times/year. The TIR and QAS cost approximately $20 extra when you register, but you should always add this service. If you do, you will receive question-by-question a list of your answers and the correct answer, and most importantly, you will receive a copy of the test you took. This information allows you and your instructor to go question-by-question over any item you missed on the previous test.

What academic subjects do offer?

The Test Experts offers academic assistance in many high school subjects. Exactly which subjects ar offered will depend on the expertise of the instructor in your area.