Is my score too…?

Occasionally a parent will call us and want to know if we can help her child whose score is really [insert low or high here]. She assumes that we always work with students with [insert higher or lower here, depending on what you picked last time] scores than her student has. The Test Experts works with students with really low and really high starting scores–and everything in the middle too. We’ve worked with students whose starting score were in the low teens on the ACT, barely above random guessing (which on the ACT should yield about a 10-12 Composite score), and we’ve worked with students whose starting scores were 32s and 33s, shooting for that elusive 36. Same with the SAT. We have students right now whose baseline scores are in the high 800s and in the high 1400s. The Test Experts system is flexible, allowing the instructor to work with your student at his or her level and get the maximum score gain for that student in the given time allotted.