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About the GRE/GMAT

The GRE is the preferred entrance exam for most science, engineering, and liberal arts graduate schools nationwide. If you are going to grad school in any discipline other than medicine, law, or business, chances are you will be required to take the GRE.

The GMAT is the preferred admissions test for graduate level business schools worldwide. Developed by the Graduate Management Admissions Council, the GMAT is a must for anyone seeking an MBA.

GRE Quick Facts

  • The GRE is given in a Computer adaptive format like the GMAT. Unlike the GMAT the difficulty adapts section-by-section, not question-by-question.

  • One Analytical Writing Section (2 assignments, 30-minutes each)

  • Two Verbal Reasoning Sections (20 questions each, 30 minutes each)

  • Two Quantitative (Math) Sections (20 questions each, 35 minutes each)

  • The GRE may also include an “Unscored” section and/or a “Research” section. These do not count towards your score.

  • The Analytical Writing is always first. The Verbal, Quantitative, and Unscored sections can come in any order. The Research section is always last and is optional.

  • The Verbal and Quantitative tests sections are each scored on a scale of 130-170. The Analytical Writing is scored on a scale of 0-6.

GMAT Quick Facts

    • One 30-minute writing section

    • One 30-minute “Integrated Reasoning” section

    • One 75-minute Quantitative (Math) section (on-screen, basic-function calculator provided)

    • One 75-minute Verbal section (heavy emphasis on grammar, not much on vocabulary)

    • Total time 3.5 hours

    • Computer Adaptive Format (test gets harder the better you do)

    • Quantitative and Verbal sections are each scored on a 0-60 scale; overall score is on a 200-800 scale.


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